School Administration

Prema M

  • Designation: Principal
  • Qualification: B.A , B.Ed
  • Subjects: English & Social
  • Experience: 22 Years

Teaching is my passion, as teaching can inspire hope, ignite imagination, instill  love for learning. As a teacher I am part of my student’s life. I teach them everything that broadens their horizons.

School Instructors

Sushma G

  • Qualification: M.Sc (Human Development)
  • Subjects: English & Science
  • Experience: 5 Years

I am a teacher who love teaching and teach children to love learning. As a teacher I promise my students that I will always be in front of them to cheer them to move on, behind them to encourage and motivate, and next to them so that they aren’t walking alone.

Shaila T H

  • Qualification: B.Sc, B.Ed
  • Subjects: Maths & Science
  • Experience: 7 Years

I like teaching because we can learn more in this profession. I want to share my knowledge with the children.

Manjushree S

  • Qualification: D.Ed , B.A
  • Subjects: Maths, EVS, Kannada
  • Experience: 4 Years

I wanted to be a teacher from my childhood, as my father is a teacher. Being a teacher and spending time with young minds is a blessing.

Parvathamma. M

  • Qualification: D.Ed, B.A (Hindi)
  • Subjects: Hindi & Kannada
  • Experience: 10 Years

In my family all are teachers. My father guided me to be a teacher. I like to spend quality time with children.

Aishwarya B.R

  • Qualification: BCA
  • Subjects: Maths & Computer science
  • Experience: 1 Year

I like to teach,because it keeps me alert and active all the time, I love to see the spark in my students eyes when I teach math and computers.

Namratha. M

  • Qualification: PUC, N.T.T
  • Subjects: UKG, Art & craft
  • Experience: 1 Year

I enjoy teaching. Being a craft teacher I encourage my students to convert unused things into beautiful and useful items.

Non Teaching Staff

Radha C

  • Designation: Office Clerk
  • Qualification: PUC, Office administration
  • Experience: 2 Years

Confidence in my work makes to be good in clerical tasks. I like to make a impact in office administration field.