In the world around us technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and the world is shrinking into a global village. In today’s dynamic world job requirements and job skills required are ever changing. There are wide arrays of choices for the ‘Y’ generation to choose from for building their careers. It is easy to get confused by the vast number of choices and the enormity of the fields in which to choose from. Lorven makes every effort to work with the students to ease their burden and help them make the right choices by helping the students identify their strengths while choosing a career path. The Lorven Trust members with their combined experience in education and industry help students visualize their future in our education system and offer them the best choice of courses.

Lorven is characterized by quality education across a broad range of disciplines from grade school to post graduation in the fields of Commerce, Business Management, Social Work, Nursing and Teachers Education. ln addition to imparting quality education, Lorven has a mission of molding the nation’s youth into valuable assets by giving credence not only to their education but to their overall personality development.

Lorven brings in people from various fields of expertise to guide the students in their chosen career paths. Lorven aims at giving maximum practical exposure to students and conducts the courses in consultation with industry experts, universities and agencies. Lorven is actively pursuing tie ups with American Universities and companies. As a first step it has tie ups with two computer software companies based in United States namely Terradyne Solutions lnc. And BETSOL.

Prof. C. Kanthamma MSc, MPhil
Chairman – Lorven Institutions.


Lorven public school is established with a view to enable its children :

  • To learn in a good atmosphere.
  • To develop physical abilities, intellectual skills and emotional stability.
  • Social adjustments and cultural appreciation by conducting physical education classes, sports and literary and cultural activities like quiz, debate, music competitions etc.
  • To develop a global outlook and a sense of belonging to the humanity as a whole so as to achieve national integration and international understanding.
  • To develop moral thinking, to discriminate between good and bad, right and wrong, so as to have sound powers of judgment.